My Book Live installation problems

I ran all the installtions on the the disk including WD Quickview etc, but it does not seem to work.

MyBooklive 2TB is connected directly to Laptop (ethernet cable), connected via WIFI to Hotel Network.

I get all kind of error msgs:

  •  when I try to register (Error 30500)
  •  when I try to update firmware (Error 31109 )
  •  Quickview Icon is available in my Windows Program list but when I try to open it nothing happens

It appears as if I am making some kind of stupid mistake.  I succesfully set up passwords, users, device name etc.  But anything that has to do with mobile access etc seems to fail.

I also tried to reboot from within the control panel, which took for ages and eventually also came up with a time-out error telling me I have to do a manual hard reboot.

Pleas give me some guidance I am going insane here.


To have internet access on the my book you need to connect it to the router. Check page 11 of the manual.