My book live how do I access TimeMachine-backup in finder

Does anybody know how I can access the share TimeMachine-backup in OS X Lion? I have a my book live network nas. 

When I choose the share in finder and press “connect as” nothing happens. 

I have also tried connecting to the share by choosing Go-connect to server in finder and writing in the following:

afp://(IP OF DRIVE)/TimeMachine-backup

It asks for a user name and password. Logging in as guest does not work. Logging in as me does not work. 

Any clues would be greatly appreciated :smileyvery-happy:

danielph, if you have the latest Firmware Release for the Western Digital My Book Live, then following the procedure described in the User’s Manual should suffice.


This would mean:

  1. In a Finder window, click MyBookLive under the shared items in the side bar.

  2. If presented with an authorization screen, select Guest, and then click Connect to display the Public share.

Additionally, a more direct approach would be as follows:

  1. In Finder, click Go and point to Connect to Server.

  2. Enter  smb://mybooklive  and click  Connect.

3. Choose the radio button “Connect as a Guest”.


Trancer:> Your reply works fine if I want to use the drive as a backup which I am doing.> My question though was how do I access the drive TimeMachine-backup once there is a backup on it whithout entering the time machine app. In other words choosing the server named TimeMachine-backup in finder. Using the guest account does not work. There either has to be some kind of user name and password or another way to access the contents of this drive.> Greatful for any solutions

danielph, the Network Share used for Time Machine backups is only accessible using the Time Machine application. It displays a specific share designed solely for said function.


actually on my MBL 3TB I can use the connect to server…  Finder menu item like:


use my personal account info and then I will be presented with a

list of volumes. TimeMachine will be one of the items in the list.

If i select TimeMachine then I can see both of the Time Machine sparse bundles in

a Finder window.


Thanks Jerry. It worked :smiley:

Why didnt I think of that myself.