My Book Live has no internet access


I have an issue with my Book Live. On the network tab it shows that I dont have internet access and I am not able to get and activation code for my mobile app, but I receive the notifications of the status of the drive by e-mail. 

What do I need to do to get my activation code or get a internet connection.


What firmware version do you have on the MBL?

I have the same problem.

My MBL i connected to a netgear router that is connected to a d-link router with internet access. In the lan settings it says No Internet access. All computers and devices can find the MBL but it just can’t get internet. What could be the problem?

I am having the same problem, anyone have any advice?

Check the settings under Settings > Network in the Dashboard. In some cases you may need to change the DNS servers to something other than your Router’s IP. Google’s free DNS servers are:



You will need to switch from DHCP if you are using DHCP, and fill in every box with the corresponding information. For the drive’s IP, it is suggested you use a port outside your DHCP range. If your DHCP server leases IPs from 50-100, for example, you could use below 50 or above 100 for the Static IP. This will prevent an IP battle with another device on the network.

To find your Subnet and Gateway on Windows:

Go to Start, then type “CMD” (without the quotes) in the Search box. If you are using Windows XP or do not have the Search box, go to Run and type “CMD” (without the quotes) there.

Once CMD has launched successfully you should see a black box. Type “ipconfig” (without the quotes) in the black box. You may need to scroll to find your current network adapter. You can use the Netmask and Gateway found there, but do not use the IP or your computer and My Book Live will have an IP conflict.

Once the IPs are filled in with the correct information on the drive, and you have added alternate DNS information (you are also provided with DNS servers by your ISP, if you do not want to use Google’s), press “Save,” down at the bottom and confirm  you do want to change your IP information. You may need to restart the My Book Live, however in most cases it will start using the new information immediately.


If your drive has access to the Internet but Remote Access is displaying connection errors or shows only a Relay Connection, it may not be able to communicate with your Router to setup Port information with UPnP. You may need to allocate specific ports on the Router and My Book Live for remote access to the device. To do so (you will need the LATEST 2.x firmware for this):

—Configuring the My Book Live

  1. On the My Book Live Dashboard, go to Settings > Remote Access.

  2. Select “Manual” in the “Connection Options” drop-down

  3. Enter the ports you would like to use instead of the default 80/443 for each port. Please be sure to save the port information in notepad or on a post-it note, since we will need the information to setup port forwarding on the Router.

  4. Press “Save” at the bottom.

—Configuring the Router: 

This information is dependent on your Router, so you may need to contact your Router manufacturer if you cannot find the Port Forwarding area of your Router.

  1. Enter the Port Forwarding section of your Router

  2. For the two ports you have configured (you may need to use two different port entries if the chosen ports are not within a range), add them and have them forward to the My Book Live’s IP. It is recommended that you switch the My Book Live to Static IPs for this, however most Routers allow you to specify IPs for DHCP clients, so in those cases it is not necessary.

  3. Save the configuration.

Once you have completed both steps above, you will need to restart both the Router and the My Book Live.

If your connection type under the Dashboard in Settings > Remote Access does not switch from Relay, there may be something else going on. You will need to contact WD Support and request the WD2go Support Team.

RE: Port Forwarding, the WD Support Site has a more in-depth guide for specific Routers. The guide specifies ports, however you do not have to use the ones shown in the guides:

I took these steps and am still getting no internet access.

I am sending you a message directly. Please E-Mail me your system logs (Dashboard > Support > Create & Save) when you contact me.