My book live had steady green light , but I did not see in my net work

I saw it 1 month ago. It has disappeared now. HELP!

Does it show up on your routers device table?

No it does not show in any network

If the drive doesn’t show on the routers device table than there is very little you can do. I would try it on another network to make sure the issue isn’t with your router, and if the issue persists replace the NAS. If anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to chime in :slight_smile:

But if you disconnect the network cable the led remains steady green or switches to blinking yellow ( as expected ) ?
If you know the MBL IP are you able to ping it ?
If ping works probably you have a problem with windows sharing. Maybe you’re using a network marked as “public” by Windows that disables the file sharing services for obvious security reasons.