My Book Live front lamp switches off, drive unusable

My drive has stopped working after 1 1/2 years  - done all the usual things, changed cable, reset etc.

On power-up. front lamp shows blue, drive can be heared operating.

After a minute or so, lamp goes off, drive still humming faintly.

Ethernet trying to connect _ back led on connector flasing as usual.

But no access at all.

Repeat power off, reset, etc., but cannot communicate (yes, I know password has been reset)

Power should be OK as disc can be heard spinning

Any ideas?

don’t worry about the lights.  LED burnout is common on this device.  Mine has no lights, not even blue! 

Can you see the drive show up in your router’s list of devices?  If you are all dhcp, try reserving an IP for that device in your router, so it’s always assigning the same one.  I’ve found that if the device is on/off a lot, or you have short license times, changing the IP creates a gap in time where your dns can’t find the MBL.

Just my experience.  can you not get to the internet dashboard if you type in the full IP address of the MBL that the router has assigned?