My Book Live Duo

I’m interested to buy My Book Live Duo, but I have a few question for this product:

  1. How many computers or maximum numbers of computers/tablets/phones can assess the files from the home network inside My Book Live Duo in the same time?

  2. How to assess my files from outside, such as from my office?

  3. How many person can assess My Book Live Duo from outside in the same time?

  4. What is the maximum numbers of computers can be set up for auto back-up?

  5. Do I need to buy a new router if I buy this network drive?

1). I doubt there’s a functional limit.
2). WD 2go
3.). Same as number 1
4). It depends on how much storage is needed
5). How would we know? We don’t know what you have now.

Which router is recommended or is the best?

One that supports a gbit connection in order to get the max speed out of the NAS. Also, make sure you have a gbit connection on your computer as well, or else it won’t matter.