My Book Live Duo Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

Technical Ability Average:

MBL Duo connected to network through router. Two further laptops connected wirelessly. Since upgrading to W8 Pro this weekend  I have the following problems:

For the laptops when opening  WD SmartwareWD drive not shown and the backup tab is greyed out and not selectable.

On the desktop Hub PC the WD drive is shown and the backup tab can be selected but the drop down menu only lets me select one of the five user names. It will not let me select WD Smartware or any other the names etc. It also indicates that none of the files on that user is backed up.

Also downloaded the WD App but every time I open the app it states that no drive is connected/recognised. Please check connections and try again…

I have a solid green light on the drive itself. Not sure it is relevant but rightly or wrongly I did leave the MBL Duo connected during upgrade.

have you make sure the problematic laptops can connect to the MBL?

make sure UPNP is enabled and network discovery