My book live duo - webserver not running, no webaccess and no ssh

Hi Guys,

i’m really hoping for a wonder, as i got no idea what i can do… :( 

I messed up the mybook after trying to install a mysql server… now webserver is not running, so i got no access via web, also ssh is disabled as i hit the reset button to quickly…

So basicly i only got access to the shared public folder, nothing else…

how can i fix it, to get back on the my book via ssh or web… ? if its even possible… :frowning:

I’m really desperate  and frustrated as i seem to loose all my pictures and music i collected for so long… and on top i may also not be able to use the mybook anymore… :frowning:

I hope you guys got an idea or know a trick how to get the access back.

I already tested WD SmartWare or myCloud which does not work either…

I really apretiate any help!

Thanks in advance!



I have never tried this since it is not supported. Lets see if any other user can share his experience about this topic.

Hi again,

i managed ,after a some long hours, to mount the hdd to an ubuntu installation via SATA / USB adaper.


After that i could change the setting in /etc/nas/service_startup/ssh => from disabled to enable

with a fresh boot, ssh was working again and i could log in via ssh finally! :)

Now i got the problem that the original web in /var/www/ is missing… 

would anyone by so kind and upload the /var/www/ folder somewhere… this would really help me to use the mybook again…

thanks in advance!