My Book Live Duo via wd2go question

I have just installed a 4TB My Book Live Duo and setup as RAID 1.  I have only a few photographs on the drive and have mapped to Z:.  The Z drive Properties show 4.21GB of Used Space and 1.80TB of Free Space, which seems okay

However, when I access the drive via _ wd2go _ it shows on my Computer as Public(etc…) but Properties show it as having 335GB of Used Space and 585GB of Free Space.

Can anyone tell me if this difference is correct and what has happened to the 330.79GB?


WD 2go won’t show an accurate count of how much space is available. Minor annoyance for a great feature.

We have looked at this issue before. It is related to how Windows reports free space to Mapped network drives. See this article:

Hi there,

I have a similar sort of problem, whereby when I map a drive from my WD 2TB live using W2Go, it shows that the size of the mapped drive is just 25Gb, and that the file system is FAT.

I am running Vista.  I was hoping that my personal cloud woudn’t be capped and that I could copy the contents of a folder on my other WD live which is at home to another one at another location.  But, this capping won’t allow me to do this.

Any idea?


Read the thread again.  

It’s not “capped.”  You have the full size of the MBL available.   It’s how microsoft reports the free space;  it’s not accurate.

What I read in the thread was mostly people arguing about Apple and Microsoft, and I lost interest.

If it is a case of MS not reporting the free space correctly, then that has made my remote NAS useless as I can only get 25Gb on the share as Vista refuses to acknowledge the remaining space so it thinks I only have 25Gb.

Oh well.  I shall have to rethink my strategy.

Are you saying 25 G in TOTAL, or you can’t move files that are larger than 25 G each?

In total. 

When I go to the WD2Go web portal and select my remote Live book it maps one of the shares to my laptop as Drive N and only has 25Gb.

And what happens when you try to copy more than that?

It gives the usual “you do not have enough space” type of message.  I did try that by having too explorer windows open.  One from one drive and the other from the one I want to copy to. 

Ok, here’s what may sound like a dumb test.

I would presume (if you’re seeing the same thing everyone else sees) that your C drive also only has 25GB.

Usually a WebDAV mounted volume will report the same amount of free space as the FIRST DISK in the computer

If that’s the case, see if you can reduce the amount of data on the C drive and see if it then does what you need.

Aha!  I have looked at my C drive and it is 25Gb.  So, it seems that the web portal is matching the disk size of my C drive to my mapped drive of my remote My Book Live.

Oh well.  I’ll have to think of something else now.  I reckon if I ftp to the share on the remote device that will allow me to move my client data off site.

Many thanks for bearing with me and working out what was the problem.