My Book Live Duo Solid Yellow Light

Greetings everyone! A few months back i had removed the 2 2TB drives from my MBLD and used them in a small Home Server which i am decommissioning and parting out. I wanted to put the 2 Drives back into the enclouser in hopes to use that on the network. After digging around ive come to find out that there really is not truly simple way to accomplish this! I have attempted the Guide in linux to debrick it. But I always seem to get stuck on running ./… tells me no command found. And if i just try ./ says permission denied. So i tried sudo in the command as a last resort. Give me no command found. 

So if anyone would be interested in helping i would greatly appreciate it in advance! Or i have heard there are “Virgin Images” for these drives. Now if i can just dd= that into each drive id assume that would be much easier. I have all the data taken off the drives. I am not concerned about data as there isnt any on them at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

Take care!


There are some users that have shared some information on how to solve this. Take a look at the link below. Please note this is not supported.

Yea I have attempted the guides you linked to. Ran into a few issues as I stated in my OP. It was almost as if I didn’t have permission to run the debrick script. I’m going to give it another run tonight after work to see what I can do. I’m thinking it will be easier with Linux actually installed on a PC. So I installed it on my laptop last night. Runs better than win 8 anyway!