My Book Live Duo showing offline on MY Cloud

Hi Guys,

I have successfully configure MY Book Live Duo with 4 TB in my laptop. I also register with my email id for web access. However, when I go to on to show my files then my device showing offline on the site. As my wifi is working perfectly.
So how can I fix it ?

How is your unit connected into your router? What is the status for the remote access section on the Dashboard? Does it indicate a connection has been established?

I have connected my device with my wifi modem through LAN cable and on dashboard the status is showing: GOOD.

I meant the status of the remote access service. The status you see in the lower-left corner is for overall drive health.

Go to Settings> Remote Access. Confirm connection status.

It showing
Port forwarding connection established.”

That’s odd. What happens when you try to access your NAS using the mobile app while on your data plan?

Sorry, but what do mean by NAS.
And when I try to open from my mobile data plan its showing same sms on site.

I have similar issues as the OP, but only when trying to access the NAS via the mycloud website. I have no issues accessing the NAS with the MyCloud mobile app or WD Photos app. Any suggestions on how this can be fixed?

I’m currently getting the same “Drive Offline” message on the My Cloud mobile app on my iPhone XR, yet it’s worked fine for years now. I checked the Remote access settings on the dashboard (using my Windows 10 PC) and they too say “Connected.
Port forwarding connection established.”

Any suggestions?

I am from holland and I have the same problem. How can I solve it? Regards Anita

Hai Jatin, I am from Holland. I have the same problem. Is your problem already solved and how did you fix it? Regards anita

Hi Anita

It’s a couple of years now, but from memory I solved this by going to my PC and opening MyBookLive Duo (it may have meant rebooting my PC) then it connected fine after that.