My Book Live Duo Set-up

I bought a 4TB (2x2) duo drive to replace a Seagate drive that simply cracked up after about 18 months.  The store told me everything I saved on one drive would be copied automatically to the other.  I reloaded all my network data - and was surprised to see I still had over 3TB left … the drives were being seen together, and not seperately.  I had followed the install instructions very carefully .

Usual solution - read the manual. I ultimately found, tucked away, that I had to opt for a RAID Mirror set-up:  my point is this -

Nowhere in the Set-up procedure was I offered the options on how the drives were to be used.

Since this is a major reason - as promoted on the box - for purchasing a dual drive system, it should be one of the options in the WD set-up procedure, surely?

In my book, a serious slip in what otherwise appears to be an excellent piece of hardware and software.

I should add that I use computers (for video editing), but that doesn’t mean I know how they work! :smiley:

If you have access to the 4TB then the hard drive is configured in RAID 0, if you want to have data protection you need to select RAID 1 (Mirror).  I guess reading the manual should be the first step when you buy something. :wink: