My Book Live Duo Raid 1 Slowly but Surely

Common theme here - I bought a 4TB Duo specifically for Raid 1, and have been surpirsed at the long rebuild time.  It progressed painfully slowly during initial data transfers (550GB), but sped up since that work is complete.  

Not done, but looks like 5-6 days to rebuild.  Initially dissappointed and concerned, I am satisfied despite the long rebuild because of features, ease of use, and price.  From other posts, I do think WD should consider shipping the product Raid 1.

New buyers - apparently patience is the price for affordable at home Raid 1.

On a new empty drive, the rebuild may take up to 15 hours depending on drive capacity and activity, but typically will complete in 7 to 12 hours.

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Gosh-  progress is 85% at 170+ hours.  The first 72 hours included heavy data transfer onto the drive 500GB+

A RAID rebuild plus media indexing and thumbnail generation (if applicable) both slow each other down tremendously.

When I changed RAID modes, I logged in via SSH and killed the other processes and the RAID built in less than 6 hours.

What is the problem with media indexing and thumbnail generation? This is a slow down to ALL

Yeah, found the same thing, after much fretting and nashing of teeth, everthing is working fine for me with little issues, most of my issues occured from copying a bunch of files to it, and building raid 1, it took ages

Things are working fine now after Raid 1 rebuild took 2 full weeks for me.  Thanks to above for advice for next time.