My Book Live Duo not discovered on Win 7 Pro x64

  • My Book Live Duo (MBLD) on Window 7 Professional x64
  • Netgear WNR2000v3 wireless router
  • computer connected via wireless


  • CD setup does not discover the MBLD
  • MBLD is not discovered as a UPnP device
  • MBLD is not discovered by WD QuickView
  • MBLD is not discovered by WD Smart Ware
  • I cannot get to the Dashboard using http://mybookliveduo/

However, I can:

  • see MBLD as an Attached Device on the router with the name MYBOOKLIVEDUO
  • get to the Dashboard using the IP address (e.g.,
  • browse the file system using the IP address (e.g.,  [\](file://%5C%5C192.168.1.3)) 

I have already:

  • reset the MBLD
  • reset the router
  • restarted the computer
  • installed the latest MBLD firmware
  • installed the latest router firmware
  • installed the latest Windows Updates

 The computer is part of an AD Domain at work, but this MBLD setup is for my simple home network.

Please advise.

If your PC is attached to an active directory domain, it’s enitrely possible it’s configured with a security policy that prevents all of that.

I had similar problems with my Work laptop…

But it doesn’t prevent me from connecting to it… 

Just manually map a drive letter to it.

For the URL, try this:


You will want to mke sure that uPnP service is turned on in the router. Sometimes it can be off. The primary means for detection we use is uPnP and Bonjour (for Macs and our Mobile Apps). If it is off or if you have some firewall software installed, these can lead to issues like you are having.