My Book live Duo HDD problems

Hi  All

I just got my wd live book duo and was having some issues with setting up raid 1 (kept getting failed ) so I have taken the drives out and formatted them both 2x2tb and when I put them back in the Duo case it wont boot stuck on orange/amber light .

Do I need two new drives ? Or is there a way of reimaging the drives with the software on ?

Any help would be great

No, you’ve pretty much bricked your MBL by erasing the OS partitions.


I am curious to know why you took the drives out to format them?

I remember reading somewhere that the files you have erased are also on the installation CD but since you reformatted the drives you will have erased the partitions and all the files they contained. They were protected within the drive housing.

There maybe a way to repartition the drives and restore their contents but this requires specialized assistance which only WD can provide.