My Book Live Duo failure to discover

Recently purchased My Book Live Duo.

Problem: failure to discover/detect through WD setup.exe.  Has never detected since purchase.  Can access through WD Smartware [change settings time etc] however obviously not for use of drive.  Can see drive on network  folders and files. 

Setup used:

HP TouchSmart using Vista Home Premium Nexaira 3G/4G Wireless Broadband Router - IP address (default prevents recognition of  Internet)

Internet acccess Verizon 4G LTE using MyFi 4510L - wireless connection to laptop via WiFi - does not allow hard wire connection to laptop nor can I connect internet hardwire or WiFi to router)   

Default IP address of My Book (tried

Please assist suggest/advise

DenisD wrote:


Default IP address of My Book (tried


Huh?   That’s not a valid address.