MY book live duo/ double folders and reboot issues

HI, ive not long had my WD my book live DUO but it seems to be playing up? im using this to store music for my streamer, but what ive noticed it is doing duplicate folders, it still shows only one folder if i go into the hard drive menu but my streamer remote is showing double files/folder 

 if i delete the music off the drive it is also still showing on the streamer remote tyhat the folder is there. the only way to resolve this is by doing a factory reset but that also is being a problem. It does the reset but when it comes to the reboot, this takes forever to the point i have to turn the power off. i have read that a reboot should only take a min. 

Any ideas??

the double folders might be due the SMP …

how are you transferring the files to the drive?

You may disable the Media Library, restart your SMP, then re-enable the Media Library.