My book live duo bricked! 8(

During updating of an firmware  of MyBookLiveDuo via the dashboard there was a power shutdown. Now I have a brick. At connection of a power the blue indicator is light, then yellow and

that is all (I waited for a long time). When I connected the flash store to USB port, I see indication of the access to him at the moment of switching blue to yellow. Whether there is a procedure

of updating of an insertion through external USB port ?, and if yes,  where can I download an firmware ?. If isn’t present, what can I undertake besides the address to the seller? I have on the

device a lot of value information…

First and foremost: Make an immediate copy of your backup files (or the originals if the files on the Duo were the backup). If something happens to your other copy of the data it could be lost for good (unless your willing to pay a small fortune to a data recovery company). Once you have done that, I would start with the basic troubleshooting steps: verify you can’t access it from another computer or device, do a power cycle, etc. – if the drive still isn’t seen, than your assumption is prolly right and you’ll have to RMA the drive or replace it at the retailer.

As to preservation of the data - I think they haven’t suffered also I can mount volume on the computer with Ubuntu for access to them, but it will be less convenient.