My Book Live Duo blocking my LAN - internet goes down and connot access MBLD

I have a MyBookLive Duo 6TB only about 3 months old.

I have loaded some films onto it, but not (intended to) turn on any of the “backing up” software.

After about 4 weeks we found that whenever it is plugged in, our househoild LAN (a BT Infinity 3 Unlimited internet & LAN) just grinds to a halt, and none of the household PCs can get reliable internet.

Unpluggin it from the LAN cable clears the problem for the home PCs.

When we now plug it back in , it is whirring away and doing something over the LAN that immediately jams the LAN, so that we cannot open the MBLD device web page to access any controls to try to control anything.

What is it doing over the LAN (when it should be sitting passively as a file store?)

How do I get access to it to stop it doing it? 

Any help (that a not very technical user can understand…) very welcome.


This is really weird.  You can try a reset, by holding the reset button for 4 seconds, this does not affect the data stored on the drive.  You can also try plugging the drive to a different outlet, directly to the wall.


I had similar problems and they were caused by a dns issue between my router and MBLD. Anyway I could work locally but  couldn’t acces the internet. Try to identify if your problem is similar. Take a look at

Hope this helps!

Good link.  I have exactly the same issue.  I have headed over to the other thead to try and resolve.  Thanks for that.