My Book Live Duo and Windows 8 Storage Spaces - Are they compatible?

Windows 8 now has “Storages Spaces” for creating RAID-like storage using pools of physical disks to create mirrored or parity redundancy for protection of stored data.

Their technical people say that although they use RAID concepts such as “mirroring”, that strictly speaking it is not RAID they are using.

I am wondering if the My Book Live Duo, since it can be used as a non-RAID disk, can be used with “Storage Spaces” in Windows 8 as part of the pool of physical disks?

Does anyone in the community have knowledge of this or even better actual experience? And a related question, when not using RAID can the two disks be addressed separately or is it strictly one logical 4TB unit only?

I don’t think so since the MBLD is on a network location is not a drive that is physically connected to the PC.

Also the MBLD is always on a raid situation RAID 0 or RAID1 you wont be able to see the drive separately.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I do have followup questions however. First, am I correct then that I cannot connect the MBLD to my PC using the USB 2.0 port? This port is then strictly for expansion using another MBLD unit? Second, I understand from the documentation that I can use it as a single logical 4TB drive by not setting data protection, did I misunderstand this? It seems that I can “turn off” RAID by not setting data protection. Please help me understand this if I am wrong.



Question 1: USB port

The USB port is for connecting to USB drives only. It cannot handle other devices (e.g. printers), nor can it be a slave connection to a PC.

Question 2: Two drives as one.

There are two drives inside the MLB Duo. To the rest of the world, they always appear as single logical drive; either with the capacity of one of the units (the other being a “mirror”, RAID 1), or with the combined size of the units (no internal data protection, not strictly RAID 0, but rather JBOD).

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