My book live duo and Samsung Bluray player compatibility

Hi all,

I’m sorry if this may have been asked before but I’ve not been able to find a definite answer so far.  I’m not very techie so I need it simple!

I’m thinking about buying a 6tb duo to attach to my home network.  I did have a 2tb WD NAS which broke (my fault though) and I used it to play films through my Samsung BD D6500 bluray player.  Is there a way of confirming, before I buy the 6tb duo that it will work in the same way?  I’d hate to buy it and then lose this capability.



I have the D6730 and with the new firmware, it plays everything with no problems from my 4tb. You should be fine.

I have the 6000 version of that BD player, (the compact size version) with the 4TB and it does not work.  It also does not work with the E8000 Samsung TV which has the same AllShare software.  Samsung’s version of DLNA.

  The DUO’s have a different DLNA server tht does not play nice with most consumer devices.  I would avoid it, this might be a good opportunity for you to buy another comapny’s NAS hardware.

I would strongly recommend against it. See previous forum topic about DLNA issues with the Live Duo product line. Still unresolved for nearly A year now. I have a 4TB MBLD hooked up over wifi to a Samsung BD -D8900A. The player works fine as a client for other servers but cannot maintain a connection with the MBLD.  Very frustrating.

Thank you for your responses. However, I decided to purchase one after the first reply rather than waiting for the negatives!

Fortunately, it works absolutely fine. It was a hit and miss as I was adding all my files to it but once I’d finished that and restarted it, it has been perfect. I’ve not bothered with the latest update though, I’ve had bad experiences in the past with WD updates!

The WD2go app also works really well on my iPhone and iPod touch. A bit slow but works nonetheless.

Thanks again.

You can always ditch the MBLD DLNA software and just use Serviio or alike…it works perfectly with all 3 of my Samsung devices…

I am really tempted to do that Bobsmo but I think it may be a bit too difficult for me to be honest. I’m afraid I’m not very clued up on these things.

Trust me, Serviio is easy to use and is free as well to try…