My Book Live Duo 6TB - Quick Factory Restore VS Full Factory Restore

I need to know EXACTLY what is the difference between the Quick Factory Restore VS Full Factory Restore.

We all know that the Quick Restore is fast to complete and the Full might take days.

So, what exactly is each process doing?

You’d have to go find the system script that’s doing that to see what it’s doing “exactly”…

But “basically,” the FULL restore not only erases the data file handles, it’s also scrubbing the data off the disk platters so it’s impossible to recover by any typical means.

In addition, if you have changed the RAID from 0 to 1 as I have, it will restore it back to RAID 0. I am in the process of doing a “Full Factory Restore” as I could not delete my iPhoto Library.  

Though it will take many hours, I want a clean slate and begin again the process to rebuild to RAID 1.