My Book Live Duo 6TB. Painfully slow transfer rates

I’m getting painfully slow transfer rates connecting to the MLD over ethernet. Transferring a 2mb file, I only achieve speeds of 450-500kb/s. The Dashboard takes ages to load and update.

This is a brand new drive. Does anyone have idea what to look for? It is connected through a 10/100 switch, but even so, I would expect faster speeds than that.

I had the same problem. I ran the dashboard long test and it is supposed to take from 24-48 hours. But mine got to 90% in 24 hours then was **bleep** for the next 24 hours until I cancelled it. Tech level 2 support said that it was malfunctioning and created an RMA. I just finished transfering my 3.2TB of data and the new drive is much faster than the old one. Seems some of the retail store drives are not stable. My advice is to get a new one from support.

Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of faith in this product. I think I will return it, and buy something else. It is 6Tb of space that is useless.

If it’s a brand new box, try these steps:

Rule out cable issues (Try different ethernet cables / ports on the switch)

Update the firmware before loading data on it (assuming it didn’t come with latest firmware)