My book live duo 6TB - Can I format the 64k blocks to 4kb block size?

My 3TB My book Live lost all connectivity, and I was never able to recover the data because of the fact that no machine/software I tried could read the physical disk’s 64k block size that the data partition was formatted in.

I now have a 6TB My Book Live and want to use the drives in RAID1, but realize that this will be totally useless if I cannot recover the data should the device fail again. I want to make sure that my data can be  recovered if the mybook dies, otherwise it reduces the effectiveness of the redundancy to 0. 

I want to format the data partition so that it can be read by other computers. I don’t care if i need a linux machine to read it, though ideally a windows machine could also read the format. 

  1. What file system should I use?

  2. I am not 100% linux proficient, but I can read manuals. If anyone has any suggestions on where to begin reading up on how to do this I would appreciate it. 

It is not possible to reformat the drives within the MBLD dashboard, if you find a way to do it by SSH, or taking the drives out of the enclosure, the MBLD will not be able to normally operate.

Is it certain that: the MBLD will not operate if it has different block sizes even if it has the same file system and directory structure? I can automount the partitions the same exact way etc.

I was thinking of SSH’ing and formatting the drive that way. I am really doing a lot of research before doing this, and I would like to know if others have done the same. 

My bottom line:

I cannot use a storage device that won’t allow me to retrieve my data in the event of failure. Surely others must want to do similar alterations. WD should also realize that professional data recovery is not reasonable when the hard disk has not yet failed!  The file system is the only problem here, and if the only purpose was to gain a few points on a benchmark, I am not happy with that decision.