My Book Live Duo 6T to PS3

I am trying to stream from MBLD to PS3 wirelessly through my network. 


PS3, completely updated and enabled

MBLD, completely updated and enabled

Lynksys WRT600N Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router With Storage Link

I have tried to connect the PS3 both wireless and hard lined.  Currently neither connection allows the MBLD to be seen on the PS3.  I do have internet access through both setups from the PS3.  Also, I can see my files and play them on my laptop.  This laptop is wirelessly connected through the network as well.  I am not understanding why the PS3 cannot see the drive, but all other devices can see the drive and play these files.

I am trying to stream MP4s and MP3s mostly. 

Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

There is already a thread with PS3 and WDMBLD here started by me… please follow the same… Most of your questions should be answered…

Posting the link would help :wink:.

Thanks, I found it already.  Do we think they will do anything about this issues any time soon

think so

they say end of april… *fingers crossed*

…now they’re saying end of May.

Touch of deja vu

tomorrow they’ll say end of june?? :angry:

How about … end of day?

Also - One thing we have seen is that if you created multiple shares (around 4), the PS3 times out waiting for our server to come back with a response on the dataset. One thing you can try is to put the media you want to be seen through the PS3 into the default shares.