My Book Live Duo 4 TB very slow transfer rate

I just purchased this drive an am trying to transfer files from my western digital 750 gb hard drive via the usb connection.  I am only getting rates of about 1.00 mbps.  Does anyone know why this is?  Also, it seems to be slowing down the internet speed.  Is there an association or are the files being transfered simply via USB and not actually affecting the internet speeds at all.  

Try reading the WebDAV FAQ:

That link unfortunately does not help me at all.  I dont even understand half the stuff that is written there lol.  Does anyone have any idea why the transfer rate is so slow.  Please let me know or else I will be returning the drive. 


What that post is telling you is that, very likely, one or both of the shares you’re connecting to is connected via WebDAV which will be very slow.

That post tells you how to check for that and how to correct it.

got it.  So I tried this and it looks like I’m not running WebDav.  I only have Microsoft Windows network.  Any other ideas?

It really doesn’t make sense to me why this would be so slow.  Its a USB connection from one drive to another.  I am not even transfering wirelessly. 


When copying from an attached USB to the MBL itself, the data still has to go FROM the USB disk, THROUGH the MBL, TO your PC, then back to the MBL.

How fast is it if you’re just copying a file from the MBL to the PC?

How fast is it if you’re just copying a file from the USB disk (attached to the MBL) to the PC?

Thanks for your quick responses, really appreciate your help… Here are some transfer rates

PC to MBL duo (wirelessly) ~1.5 MBPS
USB Western digital drive to MBL duo (connected via USB port in back of MBL duo) ~ 1 MBPS
USB Western ditigital drive directly to PC (via USB) ~ 37MBPS

P.S.  the MBL duo is connected to the network via a AT&T Uverse router.

Try connecting via wire to the same router.

It actually is connected to the router via the ethernet port and I used the ethernet cable the drive came with

 PC to MBL duo (wirelessly) ~1.5 MBPS

I meant your PC.