My Book Live do not updated New Photos in WD Photos App on Remote Access

Good evening, I have uploaded photos in Public of My Book Live, divided by years.
12 reads folders then nothing. I also added the last five years photos but does not read anything.
It remain those of the first link.
How to do to update the whole?
Thank you


Take a look at page #107 of the user’s manual.

It has instructions on how to rebuild the data base.

Hi, I have the same problem but the rebuild do not work successfully any more. It used to work but not any more. I have about 660 directories holding about 20300 photos and movies. I know the movies are not handled by wd photo but they never caused a problem before. The problem started in August. I rebuilt the database but I lost more than I gain… it is now showing only 4 years of photos (I have at least rap years of photos).
I tried to reboot it, rebuild several time but no luck. I deleted all new photos since July (in case the problem was caused by a bad image newly added) and rebuilt… no change. I done know what else to do!

The my cloud is working fine. Talking about “my cloud”, I do not see the thumbnail photos like I see in the example in the AppStore. How can I get that?