My Book Live Dashboard problems

My My Book Live Dashboard does not load the settings section when clicked.  The other sections (Users, Shares, Safepoints) etc.  load just fine.  I have tried MBLIP/UI/setttings/system, and while the page loads, I recieve an error

" 31125 - Error retrieving usage values: The operation was aborted while the server was processing the request. The operation may or may not have been completed successfully. Please refresh the page and try again."

I am able to navigate the system page but I am met with an error message when trying to execute any functions.
  This includes the factory restore and checking for firmware updates.

Has anyone experienced this and can anyone offer advice?

I am using a Macbook Pro Retina (2012).


Can you enable SSH access? If so, you can use Terminal to SSH into the MBL and give it the commands to do a firmware reinstall. 
If you cannot enable SSH access, then you will have to do a debrick process.

You can find the details for these actions on this forum in other threads.

Dashboard is access via http, not really OS depend so whether is Mac or not, not much different.

I would try first a different browser…