My Book Live Constantly Running And Overheating

I have had my mybooklive 2tb drive for a little over 2 weeks. Since a few days ago my drive no longer powers down anymore. I the green led light constantly blinks and my hd is spinning nonstop. It constantly overheats. Even when nothing is connected to it the drive will not stop spinning. Does all wd drive has this kind of poor reliability. So far I have not found a solution and received no help from support.


If you can still access it with the dashboard go to “settings” and select utilities and then further down you’ll find “Factory Restore” Select the quick factory restore. This may keep your data on the drive. If this don’t work ask for a new Warranty replacement.

Hope this helps!

all thag did was format the drive and delete everything. did not fix the problem. thanks anyway. at least you tried to suggest a solution thats more than the useless wd tech suport.

Sorry it deleted your data. Hope you still have these on your computer. The quick restore did not delete any data in my case, although WD Support warned me it could. Get a warranty replacement. There’s got to be a hardware problem with the drive.


… but how do you know it’s overheating?  Even if the drive spins 24/7, it should NOT overheat.

It’s overheating because it will get really really hot and led light turns red

Now I’m curious. The drive keeps cool by convection. Where have you located your network drive?  I’ve put mine in another room where it’s always cool and currently (as I send this message) the drive is at 48 degrees Celsius (118.4 Fahrenheit).

The LED will go red when the temperature reaches 72 degrees Celsius.  So…  Is the temperature of the room where your NAS is located round-about 24 degrees Celsius or higher?

Are the vents blocked?  Does the sunlight catch the NAS through the window?

As to why the NAS is constantly running, have you tampered with the Linux operating system within the NAS. I did to try turn on a useful feature and is disabled the drive’s ability to sleep. Reversed that change and my NAS is now sleeping normally yet again.

Disable the iTunes, Twonky and remote access services and see if the drive begins to sleep. I’m guessing if Twonky is enabled then it will scan the disc for media and that could keep the drive spinning.

This is a bit of trial and error, but firstly crack out a thermometer and tell us what the ambient room temperature is and the temperature of the network drive.  Also, make sure nothing is blocking the vent below the drive. The drive is designed to stand vertically and NOT horizontally.

Let us know your findings.