My book live & cloud <-> LAN <-> Samsung smart TV | Network link down


My home setup is as below:

Samsung TV [UA46ES6200] -> wired LAN connection to Linksys EA 7500 -> wired LAN to WD MBL 2TB (has one LAN port for interface only)

Samsung TV has been reset and upgraded to latest firmware
Linksys EA 7500 is a new router (Old one was Linksys EA 3500)
MBL has the latest firmware (scared to reset it as I have fear of losing the data)

Until last week scenario:
Network link goes down when I watch movies on Samsung smart TV through samsung link. Network link goes down when I transfer large files like video files to the MBL from the laptop. This issue is frequent.

This week:
Assuming there was an issue with MBL, I bought new WD My Cloud 3TB with LAN and USB port. Network link again goes down when I want to transfer all data to the new Cloud device.

The issues are intermittent. Maybe 3 out of 5 times.

Need help!

The WD My Book Live and the WD My Cloud are very different devices in hardware, firmware, features, and behavior. If both units are presenting the same issues then I’d recommend testing a different router since that’s the common link in your network.

@RICKY_DSOUZA - This REALLY feels like a network issue to me… Do you have another router you can test with by any chance? Maybe a friend or relative you could take the device to and test on their network?

If not, you may want to try updating the firmware (if you can) on the router and doing a full reset on it.

Put another router as suggested… same issue. I also reset the TV and upgraded the software assuming that was the issue for video link being disconnected… same issue persists…

Well… to be honest, my first priority is to transfer data from 2TB MBL (Lan only) to 3TB WDMycloud (USB and LAN). Once all data is transferred I plan to connect 3TB to TV with USB so no issues of network link being down. But I am unable to transfer stuff successfully. Need a solution. Losing trust on WD…

You won’t be able to connect the MyCloud to the TV via USB. The MyCloud is a computer, and its USB is a host port, intended to allow external USB drives to be connected to it. It is not a USB slave port. The MyCloud is NOT a USB HDD; it is a NAS.

For your network problem, I would suggest checking you do not have a static IP address conflict. I would debug by removing each device from the network in turn, and seeing if you can find the culprit.

Cannot be done! The USB port on the My Cloud cannot be connect to a computer or other device to use the My Cloud as a basic dumb external USB hard drive.

If you do a subforum search you’ll find that quite a few have problems with Samsung smart TV’s. If you can reach the My Cloud (on the local network) using a computer but cannot reach it with the Samsung TV then the problem is either network related or with the Samsung TV configuration/DLNA client.

Generally most smart TV’s use DLNA to access NAS devices like the My Cloud. Often those DLNA clients can have problems if not properly programmed and coded by the TV manufacturer. One should read through their TV’s user manual to ensure they properly configure their TV to access the local network, and the My Cloud’s embedded Twonky media server. One problem that can apprise is if the smart TV is if Twonky uses the wrong Media Receiver type on the Twonky administration page (http://wdmycloud:9000). Further one should have their media in a format supported by both the Twonky media server and their DLNA client within their TV or other device. And one should have their media in a folder that has Media Serving set to ON within the My Cloud Dashboard Shares page.

If using DLNA one should review the following unofficial FAQ link:

Good options… Was out for a few days and now check the system… Looks like the only trouble maker is MBL.

My Cloud is working fine (which may suggest no issue with TV nor Router)

Put static IP on MBL (not in DHCP range) and still has same issues. So do you guys think I should reset the MBL? How do I reset without losing the data i have stored on the MBL?

Because you’ve isolated the problem to the My Book Live you may want to post to the dedicated MBL subforum where people more knowledgeable may possibly help.

The My Book Live User Manual ( explains how to perform a reset of the MBL. The 4 second reset via the reset button on the back of the MBL unit does not erase user data files.