My Book live, Chicony Electronics Co

I’ve recently downloaded a program to monitor my network usage, called Colasoft Capsa 7.  Whebn I did the Mac Scanner I found 2 IP addresses for MyBookLive.  One is the address assigned to the settings page.  But the other, 0.255 shows it is for the MyBookLive, but the Manufacturer is Chicony Electronics Co., LTD.  I was curious if anyone knows why my hard drive is showing 2 IP address’.  When I attempted to access the second IP, I received an error in the Web Browser stating it was an unresponsive.  When I ping the IP address it times out.  I’m confused as to what the second IP address is for.  Can anyone help me with this???  Thank you.

How did the Colasoft tool decide that the 2nd IP belonged to the My Book Live?

If it had a unique MAC address, there’s no way it could have determined that, unless it was looking at the MAC Forwarding Table of your managed switches.