My Book Live. Can't watch videos from local computer

After updating firmaware to MyBookLive 02.02.02-020 : Core F/W I tried to create new users and new shared folders.

Made a new user, made a new folder. Set a limited access to this folder. Copied some videos from Public to this new folder and opened it in a computer from a local network. Trying to play videos I’ve got a problem - playback starts in about a minute… It seems like it makes something like cache and then plays it. Playing same videos from Public - playback starts immediately. Do we have a problem with limited access folders?

perhaps the MBL is indexing those new files and is just clogged.  Have you tried it again lately?

I tried to do it again. Moreover I used network tracer and saw interesting thing…When I click the file to watch it my player stucks for a minute. At this time I have a huge data transferring rate between my computer and MyBook. Amount is exactly the whole video file. Then playback starts and transfer rate becomes zero. Nothing is transferred between my comp and MyBook. I repeat that I use SMB share \MyBook\Share\video and FTP at settings is OFF. At the same window I click UP-UP, go to Public\video and try to play same file with the same player. Click it. Playback starts immediately. While playback transfer rate is real - ~300-500 KB\s.

Do we have a problem with adittional share and it implicitly sends data through FTP protocol, while I tried to use SMB?

I forgot to add important note. Currently it was an unlimited share with no restrictions and users filled and there is only 20% of space used.