My Book Live - Can't connect after switching internet provider and MLB location

Long time successful My Book Live user. I recently made some changes which have caused me to lose the ability to connect to it now.

Original setup - MBL was upstairs in wife’s office using ATT for internet

New setup - MBL is now downstairs in my office using Spectrum for Internet (so new modem and router)

I can’t see the My Book Live in File Explorer of the computer connected to the router. And the light in front of the MBL is blinking green (I’ve tried reset, etc…)

I’m trying to install the Windows setup files but get an error when it’s scanning for the MBL on the network.

I am properly connected to the router. The issue seems to be the MBL blinking green status.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi @ArtA,

Please refer below link to check how to map a USB drive connected to a device:

Please refer below link to check more information:

Hope it helps!!

Thanks for your response. The link you provide won’t help me for two reasons:

  1. This is not a USB device
  2. I can do nothing with the drive as long as the light is blinking green. I am unable to install the device software since it can’t locate/recognize the drive on the network.

Hi @ArtA

Please refer below link to contact support team to help you with more trouble shooting steps: