My Book Live Backup in Cloud


I am using a WDBACG0030HCH my book live in my home network with 2 mac minis, 1 macbook air and 1 pc notebook. I centralize all my files in one place (my book live) and I would like to know how can I make backup of my files in the cloud (dropbox, google drive, iCloud, anyone) automatically.

Is it possible?


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There are some cloud backup solutions out there, but i have not used them, lets see if another user can share some tips or information on this matter.

I have also tried to find a solution to backup data from a (3TB) MyBookLive to an external (cloud) provider, preferably with a versioning functionality.

Is that what you get with a My Cloud type of NAS ? (Sorry for hijacking your thread Leonardo, but I guess were are looking for the same).


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