My book live + Asus RT AC66U = Not working


I have a my book live and a Asus RT AC66U router, and windows 8.I can not find the my book live,using the WD software. 

My error message is: make sure you have properly connected the provided Ethernet and power cables and the LED is a steady green, then click Rescan.

And it is, there is a steady green light in the front, and its properly connected…

Any sugestions?

If you havent changed the device name, in your browser, goto the following url:  http://mybooklive/ui/

or if you did change the device name then it would be: http://[devicename]/ui/

The thing is that I have changed the name, and got it to work on my previoulsy router, a dlink dir 655, my new router seems to find the ip of the my book, but it won’t connect or find it through the software or manualy

Try restarting the device, it may still have configurations from the old router.