My Book Live as FTP, file system working but unable to download or open end document

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone is able to give me some insights as to what might be preventing me from downloading the target document / image when I have an extended file system.

All of the folders work and I am able to click through them to open them, but when I get to the destination file I am not able to open or save the file.

I am using noip as my dns server. I don’t remember this being an issue when I used dyndns (free version).

So I was wondering is there a maximum number of folders that an FTP will allow?

Any thoughts would be great as this is driving me spare.



Hi, see if the link below helps, note that Western Digital does not to provide technical assistance for connection or configuration issues that many occur but maybe some of the other users can share their advice. 

How to access data using FTP on a WD Personal Cloud drive and other WD NAS devices