My Book Live Android app to create playlist?


WD2Go doesn’t allow me to create a playlist from the android phone I installed it on.  It only plays one song at a time.  Is there a setting I’m missing or is there another music app that will stream music from my MyBook Live to my phone and allow me to create a playlist?


can you try creating the playlist on the computer to see if the app plays that.


don’t really understand.  The music is on the WD MyBook Live Duo. So I’m not accessing it from my computer.  I’m accessing it from my android phone.

If  I create a playlist on the computer (in Windows Media player presumably?) the phone isn’t looking at the PC only MyBook so not sure how that works. Or rather when I try it it doesn’t.

Apologies if I’m being dense

As a network drive I bought it so that it could store my videos and music and then I could access all those from several devises across my wireless network and not have anything on the PC

any more help gratefully received


You will be creating that on the PC but you will be saving that on your MBL…

It isn;t letting me save plylist onto MyBook Duo

I have linked / sync’d the music files on the MyBook to Media player but it won;t let me save a playlist on MyBook. I can’t get it to give me the option of saving it anywhere but on th Media player


I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing with play lists.  I’ve also heard from several regularly posters on the forum and seen posts from WD themselves on this.  Playlists aren’t supported on the MDL.  So although they’ll serve up the standard/default DLNA playlists based on ratings/albums etc…, they wont support custom playlists, even in m3u format.  Ie, you can try sticking them in folder and the WD device won’t find them.

The default play lists are available in most DLNA certified players.  A good one for iOS is Airplay or Mediaconnect.  Both work well, but Airplay is cheaper (slightly more buggy though), and doesn’t need you to spend another few $$ on a codec pack.

Basically, we need WD to add this as a feature for it to work.  That and subtitles would be my biggest wish lists.  All they need to do is add the ability for it to read m3u files from a folder where the music is, and populate that into their default play lists.  Should be easy.

And I remember Tony from WD you said you read all the posts (not sure if true or not), so IMHO all you need to do to get subtitles to work is add the ability to support external or internal idx/sub file support.  Airplayer for ipad now supports both, just the server doesn’t.