My Book Live Access Point Ruckus

Hey all,

First time posting on this forum but I haven’t had any luck funding a solution to my problem anywhere.

I just moved to Canada from the US and I now live in an apartment building with Wireless connection but I have a Ruckus access point in my room with 4 ethernet outlets.

I’ve tried to access My Book Live either by just pluggin it and using the wifi on my laptop (on the same network) or by pluggin both to the access point and I had no luck. I’ve tried re-installing it but I just CANNOT read the MBL anymore.

I’ve used the MBL before many times before I moved but I can’t figure out why it’s not working now.

I wonder if it has anything to do with port-forwarding or anything like that but that stuff is above my knowledge. I also know that there’s a way to plug the MBL directly to the laptop but that stuff is above me as well.


An Access point usually is use to extend a network range. It will not create you a network. You need a router at some point for it.

See this

Or Google the differences between an “access point vs a router”

Hi Shabuboy,

Thanks dor the reply.

So is there no way to use the access point to connect my MBL? The router would be the only solution?


That is the thing, the access point is only like a hub, it will only provide you physical connection. The access point needs to be connected to a router/network.

There are but advance. In a few words you need to create your own network with what you have. Options I can think of…

  • Make your laptop a DHCP server


  • Assign static IPs to both

Otherwise, just but a cheap wifi router or just a router. 

Question: how are you connected to the internet from the room laptop?

Yea they both sound like complicated things.

If I had a step-by-step guide I’m sure I could do it though.

And I don’t think buying a router is an option cuz at that point I would need to get an internet service as well.

For the connection, I can either connect my laptop with the WiFi or with the ethernet cable to the access point.

A router will provide you a network in order to connect your devices, aka LAN

No need to get internet service , unless of course, you want to connect to the internet, aka WAN.

There are plenty of step-by-step guides on the internet, just search for them.


So if I buy a cheap router and connect my MBL and laptop to it with ethernet cables I should be able to use the MBL?

Without internet?

Yes, you will be able to use it on the LAN/local network/local access

No internet, no remote access (WAN), outside home, etc.

Great then that may be the solution, thanks man!