My Book Live 8TB ... Mule-Slow

I can’t remember the last time I posted on a community board. I can’t help at least reaching out to see if anyone else is experiencing what seems to be a deal-breaking speed issue. I purchased the 8TB My Book Live Duo. 

  1. Probably the slowest thing I’ve dealt with since dial-up. That’s not an exaggeration. Trying to get data onto this thing is a nightmare in terms of speed. Job copies that I perform are typically 10 to 25 GB (photographs). One job = an entire day. Accessing it from offsite? Forget it … 2kb transfer speeds, maybe. IN the office, I get 100KB if I’m lucky.

  2. I’ve noticed that there’s a tremendous lag between files. This accounts for a TON of the speed issue.

  3. Is this typical? It’s hooked up to a great router, and we have flaming fast transfer speeds with virtually anything else.

  4. Any idea why there is NO other way to connect these drives? I thought that I could at least salvage the thing as an additional dual RAID, but … nope. Network only? Seems tragically short sighted. 

Click on the following link so you can see some suggestions you can try.


That may be related to a WebDAV issue.Make sure your PC isn’t inadvertently connecting via WebDAV:

Try browsing the WebDAV FAQ to see if that applies.

  1.  I think #1 still applies.

  2.  Absolutely not.  You should expect between 30-80 megabytes per second if everything is gig…   While I’m writing this, I’m moving 30 GB worth of freshly-ripped DVDs to my MBLD – it’s humming along at 40 megabytes per second.  (It’s busy doing other things, too – not just that one copy operation.)

  3.  It’s a NAS.   Nothing shortsighted about it. Once you get #1 and 2 sorted out, you’ll be happy(er) with it.