My Book Live 3TB with WD30EFRX (Red Nas)


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Someone can confirm that version came from the My Book Live 3TB with a hard WD30EFRX, I saw that almost everyone had a Cavier Green, and am surprised to see the model of my My Book Live because I believe that with my hard WD30EFRX (Red Nas) I have no problem with the head parking time disk, making it not change those 8 seconds in Cavier Green series.

Thank you.

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Alguien me puede confirmar desde que versión salio el My Book Live 3TB con un disco WD30EFRX, he visto que casi todos tenían un Cavier Green, y me he sorprendido al ver el modelo de mi My Book Live porque creo que con mi disco WD30EFRX (Red Nas) no tengo problema con el tiempo de aparcamiento del cabezal del disco, siendo así no modificaría esos 8 segundos que tiene la serie Cavier Green.


I will research this information and get back to you.

It will be logical to assume that they started to use this drive after it was launched to the market but I want to double check that.