My Book Live 3TB - Wireless Issue, Twonky Issue

Please help me!!!

I’m fairly confident with networking but this one’s got me stumped;

I have wireless network

Netgear Router DGN2200 with My Book Live 3Tb connected

Wired connection

PC, can see all files,

Wireless connection

Toshiba Laptop, can ping the ip address of MBL, 100%, but the setup CD with not discover the drive on the network.

Sony blu-ray, sees files, only plays some, that’s another story.

2nd issue

in twonky server, the old version 5. whatever,

the text on the screens are all blurred over each other, cannot see what they say…

any help would greatly be appreciated…



You can try using WDlink to map it. For the text problem, check if you have the latest firmware version. Installed.

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