My Book Live 3TB Problem in accessing (automatically isolate itself)

After used for only 3-4 months with data storage of 50pct, it can’t be retrieved data and not possible to map up the drive by myself and [edited] of WD USA.  Up until now, there is no response on how to fix it as case has been raised up over 2 weeks. 

Have question on the product life of My Book Live is within half years and it automatically isolate itself with malfunction of the motherboard life.

Big room of improvement on the sustainability and reliability. 



This is not standard in all units. 

Have you replace the unit already or do you still need help? 

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no not yet, [Removed] WD USA not yet reverted on how and do the fix for me.  very disappointed on the slow response.  had the feeling that request was sunk to the bottom.

Dear jubei04

I believe you are chairing the forum in WD.  Would like to elaborate more for your attention.

the reference in WD is  [deleted] which [deleted] followed up this case with me but case was sunk with no response.  I pushed for reply through this WD email address :  [deleted]  and the email forum but no response at all.  the lattest  reply from [deleted] was on Feb06 with reply as follow:




I sincerely hope you can recommend me how to utilize my data and sharing with my buddies.  Cannot find the ground of no response/solution for two months.  May I request to have an overnight reply.  Otherwise,  I am forced by your company to post negative comment, please understand from customer’ angle where I can’t accept slow/no response

from a reputable company.

Thanks and regards


Dude… can you let me know what toubleshooting have you done so far?

Did you try connecting the drive directly to your computer and see if you have the same results?