My Book Live 3TB NAS Drive NEED HELP PLZ :(

This is my 3rd NAS drive and i think i am about to just give it away if i cant seem to fix whats going on now. I hooked the drive up and use the Software and it loads fine till it get to a point in the install it says it cant connect to the server. so i try to use the direct IP to the dash board EG: that was the IP) it IE FF or what ever breoswer i try i get page cant be found. BUT i can go to my networkthe drive is there i can access it and i delete more save files to it and works fine BUT  i can Update firmware set the drie up or anything. anyone please help me with this i even went as far as to redo windows 7 on a clean install and sitll the same problem.

One other thing i forgot to post is i can access the Twonky configure screen with out an problmes

EG: comes up i can make all the changes i want but like i said when i go to use the to get to the dash board no matter when browser i sue it says page not found and WD Software during setup says it cant connect to the server.

So the drive itself and Twonky are working, but you can’t access the dashboard? What operating system do you use? I’d suggest to change your workgroup name to WORKGROUP and see if you can get better access. Also try to contact the user called Myron, I think he knows a SSL command to force open the dashboard.