My Book Live 3TB Causes DNS Error - Loose Internet thru Wireless Router

I purchased a My Book Live 3TB Network Drive to use for storing/transferring files on my home network. I have had no connection issues with any of my other devices. Anytime that I connect the My Book Live to the wireless router, later I will loose all internet access thru the wireless router. I receive a DNS error for some reason. If I do not connect the My Book Live Network Drive, everything works as expected. The My Book Live connects properly and I can access all files remotely or thru allowable devices. However, after some time, and only when the My Book Live is plugged in, the DNS error causes a failure of internet access. I then have to shut down all devices, restart the modem, then turn on the wireless router, etc. I then turn on each device at a time, to acquire its address. I can run like that for days without a single problem. Plug in the My Book Live, and typically the next morning it is back to the DNS server problems. I can open a web browser, look at a couple of sites, then I will loose internet access. Have to go thru the restarting everything all over again. This pattern continues as long as the My Book Live is included in the network. Leave it out, problem goes away. I tried assigning the My Book Live it’s own IP address as static. Did not solve the problem. Need some expertise please.

My suggestions:

  • Make sure MBL is set to DHCP

  • Change LAN settings on Wireless router or reset router to default settings.

If issue still occurs, test another router. 

I am having about the exact same issue with the same product - 3TB My Book Live.  I installed it just 2 days ago and I noticed some connectivity issues with my FIOS modem/router.  After I reset it everything seemed normal - I was able to transfer files to / from the drive.  When I got home from work yesterday, I was told the we had no internet connectivitiy.  I went through the process of resetting the modem/router and got things working again.  A couple hours later, the same issue occurred.  I finally resorted to disconnecting the drive and have had no issues since.  I should mention that I have very rarely had any issue with the modem/router and it has been fine for weeks at a time.  It is almost as if the Drive is flooding the router with requests - my on private internal DDOS attack.

I will mention that the lights on the MBL seem to blink contantly - is that normal?

I will check to see if the MBL is set for DHCP.

Any help would be appreciated.