My Book Live 3 TB will not sleep / hibernate etc

Hello All - thanks for your time.

I have researched the forums and search engines and cannot find an answer to this. I have a 3 TB My book live, latest firmware. All items are disabled - iTunes, Media Server. Eneryf saved enabled. I even SSH’d into it and disabled the crawler app, be editing the load script. To make a long story short, I was able to stop the constant green blinking (activity) - but now I have a steady green light (idle)- the unit never goes into sleep mode - blue light - it is plugged into an access point - and the network activiyt light is constantly blinking - but not sure why. The unti works well, but I am afraid that the constant use state will wear this thing down over time and I really would like it to go into sleep mode if not used. The unit used to sleep, but I think ftare the last firmware update somethign happeneds, and I see this all over the internet.

Any ideas?




Hi mtarallo, welcome to the WD Community. Note that SSH modifications are not supported. Even though you see that the front light is Green do you feel the internal drive spinning? 

Hi jubei04,

I am not sure what the issue may be, because now it is in sleep mode. The last thing I did was disable all the media players listed under media streaming, by checking each one. Howerver what is odd now, is when I go back to the list, the check marks are gone next to each media player device. So I am not sure if that is what fixed it or not.

Any progress with the problem??