My Book Live 3 TB Mounting problem and Orange Light

Have not had a lot of luck with My Book Live 3 TB. First one crashed so WD sent me a replacement which was a refurbished one. This has now crashed and shows Orange Light on front and I cannot access with dashboard on a mac or pc. It is typically now out of warranty! Can anyone help? Thanks.

hmmm Livebook? Please verify the product you have. Unless I am missing something…

Sorry I got the title wrong it is a ‘My Book Live 3 TB’

Check the manual to see what the LED color means. If you are 100% you are not having any of those issues, your only option is to debrick the device.

There are two guides, both mentioned on the guides:

Since it seems two devices die for you, is there anything you are doing in regards to power by any chance? Or do you experience power outages due to storms where you are? Usually that is when the device dies. Since there is not a power button, lots of users just unplug it, which is a big no-no! To shut down properly, it can be done via the dashboard and/or the command line.

Hello Dooj65,

as it is out of warranty you can fiddle around with it if you want.
On my device I see yellow/orange light when drive is not booting properly and stuck in boot process at some point.
Can you hear if your drive is speeding up right (working)?
If not, your MBL needs a new HDD and you can set it up with the guides mentioned by Shabuboy above.
For more exact error report you may need to solder 4 cables onto the UART-Pins and access the serial console of the drive.

If all is too much work, donate it to some tech kid who want’s to play a little. :slightly_smiling:

Good luck!

Hi thanks for reply,

I have a blue light as normal when starting up then stops making any sound and goes to Orange light. Is there any way to force it to boot up?