My book live 2TB

Any one help with this regarding my drive not sleeping since I last updated…

I wrote to ‘support’ with this question:-

My drive shows this:
Description:My Book Live Firmware
Version:MyBookLive 02.32.05-046 : Core F/W

And then I read this:-
This firmware patch release
contains specific fixes for devices running 02.32.05-044 who may have
experienced loss of certain configuration settings, device not entering
“sleeping” state, and WD2go™ connection instability.
02.32.05 – 144

So this looks like a fix, but the software versions don’t seem to make sense to me as I’m on a higer version number.


I think you are OK with the ‘046’ FW that you have. My understanding is that ‘02.32.05-044’ was released about 05 Sep 2012 and pulled by WD two days later after people had problems with it. ‘02.32.05-144 (Patch)’ was a replacement, released around 20 Sep 2012, for those unfortunate enough to have downloaded and installed ‘044’ before it was pulled.

‘02.32.05-046’ was released around 26 Sep 2012 and was an upgrade from ‘02.11.09-053’ that had itself been released around 23 Apr 2012. To slightly complicate all this evenn more; there was an ‘02.11.12-060’ FW update released around 26 Jun 2012 however it was pulled just a few hours after release. I don’t think many people ended up with that one.

My understanding is that ‘02.32.05-046’ must be installed dynamically (is that the right word?) and can’t be downloaded, stored locally and installed as a local file (unless you know the location where WD stores it). I think this is unfortunate as a lot of problems seem to have occurred with ‘dynamic’ FW updates as opposed to updates locally via the UI or SSH.

Bottom line, you have the latest FW. If you can’t live with the lack of sleep  there a several threads including some resolutions of the sleep problem as it pertained to earlier FW releases. However these issues were supposedly fixed in ‘046’.

Hi, thanks for the reply, well at least thats ok that I have the latest firmware, all very confusing with version numbering, support have suggested I do the paper clip reset, and if that fails a quick factory restore, which means I have to copy all my movie files to backup before I do this… so going to see what happens after the paper clip reset, and in the meantime I’ll have a look for the threads you suggest, thanks for the fast reply…


Just an update to my ‘not sleeping’ problem, tried what WD suggested and no good so their reply was…

“I’ve reported this issue to the correct department so that it can be further researched, this way we can fix it with the next firmware update.”

So fingers crossed…

** Happy Holidays **