My Book Live 2TB Network Drive does not Backup as it should

Hi all Hope someone can help. I have a MBL nas Drive which I have had for over a year now working properly attached to my router and backing up a PC. I have replaced the PC with a iMac 21. So, with the WD conected to the Router I can access all the previously backed up Data from the PC. Alas, the WD does not backup any thing on the MAC. I followed a set of instructions which were : Google . WD my Book Live Software Download for MAC

Click the Top Link and then Choose : My Book Live Setup for MAC. All done !!!

I am now at a loss to know how to sort out how to get the Network Drive to Backup from the MAC.

Any help will be well appreciated. Thanks


A clarification related to the backup method used would be helpful. For example, WD SmartWare is only supported on Microsoft Windows, and will not allow you to retrieve a Microsoft Windows backup into an Apple Mac system.

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Yes JStaff,

I am not up to all this and therefore this response may not make an awful lot of sense. I asked Apple staff for some direction on using the WD My Book Live NAS Drive. They gave me some instructions and I carried them out. The Drive simply does not back up anything on the MAC.

I am rigged up to Time Machine…If I am rigged up to Time Machine would this stop the WD Drive backing up ?

The second question I guess would be …Does it make total sense having two Hard Drives backing up the MAC all the time ?

The WD Nas Drive is accessible by an App…This was useful when I was using the PC. Maybe I need to work out  my personal backing up strategy. I may just not use the WD Nas Drive at all and get another Portable Hard Drive.

All the advice I have come across states that a backup of  your PC/Mac be kept well away from the actual computer. I am not too sure. I do hope that some or all of this makes sense. Thanks for your help


There are many possible reasons that may relate to your device being unable to backup information. Please follow the next guide in order to map your WD My Book Live and create a network link, and then proceed to initiate an Apple Time Machine backup:

Please note the default name will be “mybooklive”. As an alternative, instead of using SMB you can use the AFP protocol (Same procedure) as it is optimized for Apple Mac OX systems.

It is actually a very wise decision to ensure you have at least 2 (Two) active backups working separately. The more redundancy, the more protection you are ensuring in case of a data loss emergency.