My Book Live 2TB - Losing connection


Apologies for another thread on connection being lost with a Live Book, but I’ve tried to find a thread with the same problem but haven’t been successful.

The set up at home is a Live Book directly connected to router - Orange Livebox (v1.1).  My network is pretty simple - Windows 7 laptop, Android tablet and phone, Printer, Smart TV etc all wirelessly connected to the router. The Live Book has been set up with a static IP address, which is outside the DHCP range of the router. 

If I power cycle the router, the Live Book is visible on all devices.  Laptop (via the desktop shortcut and WD Smartware interface), Android devices (via WD2Go/Cloud App), and Smart TV.  I can read from it and write to it.

After a period of time, however, the connection is lost.  On all devices.  Sometimes its half an hour, sometimes its a month or so.  But it eventually goes.  It doesnt show up on the Smartware interface either.

When this happens the network lights at the back of the unit show solid orange, but the green light flickers non-stop.  The light at the front is normally blue.  I switched off the energy saver setting to see if this made any difference, but it didn’t.  The connection was lost as normal, the only difference being the light at the front was green.

When I power cycle the Live Book it doesn’t make a difference.  It still doesn’t connect after booting up.  This makes me think that the problem lies with the router, or with the settings, as power cycling it is the only way of re-establishing the connection with the Live Book.

As an aside, although the connection to the Live Book is lost, I am still able to connect to the internet with all of the devices on the network.

Any and all advice/help will be most welcome.  Thanks in advance.

If the network activity LED is blinking non-stop, and that STOPS after rebooting your router, it sounds like something on your network (or the router itself) is “storming.”  Unplug EVERYTHING else except your PC and the MBL from the network and see if you can track it down.

If it’s not isolated to a specific device, then I would investigate changing your router.

or put it on dhcp and reserve an IP for it, if you can.  they see what the lease time is, and if you adjust that if it affects the device’s visibility (does it drop off when the lease time is up)

Tony, cman,

Thanks both.

I’ll go away and try your suggestions, and let you know how I get on.