My Book Live 2TB inaccessible after update

Hi there,

I bought a MBL 2TB a couple of days ago. This evening I took it out of the box, connected it to my home lan, performed a firmware update (I forgot to write down the old and new versions) and everything was ok. The NAS was mapped on my laptop (Win XP), I could create folders and so on. Nice!

Then I had the (bad?) idea to change the description field in the dashboard and the problems started. It took ages to get a confirm message which turn out to be an error message (again I did not write down the error code because I thought: hey! How bad can this be?) and then, after having pressed the ok button the window “saving” appeared again. I waited for a while (a long while) then I decided to restart the drive. The leds say that everything is ok, but I cannot access the drive through the dashboard and Windows cannot find it. I restarted the whole lan too just to be sure that I was not fooled by some router caching but it did not help. Restore the “factory defaults” would be fine for me because the drive is still empty but I understand that it is possible only through the dashboard!!! I tried the reset button but it did not help. At this point I am out of ideas, so any suggestion is warmly welcome.



A couple of things:

  1. when I mentioned the dashboard I meant the browser-accessible dashboard, I did not install any WD SW on my PC yet;

  2. when the device went to standby (blue led) I removed Ethernet cable and after few seconds the led turned yellow and started blinking. This status is not reported in the “Checking the front panel led” chapter in the User Manual.